Additional UI features for Results (Impact Reporting) [Product Improvement - Configuration required]

This release sees some handy new interface improvements for the Indicators component.

You can now use the quick find Indicator Search and Category Filter across the Results tab to easily locate specific Indicators.

Settings are now available to change the screen where your users enter in their Results. The system currently defaults to Calendar year in the Distribution screen. 

With this new feature Enquire now allows you to decide whether the Months are displayed by Calendar or Financial year - as well as toggle between them both. Speak to Enquire Support desk if you would like this updated for your Enquire product. 

Client Portal customisations [New Feature - Configuration required]

Further improvements have been made to allow further flexible customisation of the Client Portal.

The new functionality provides ability to:

  • Customise colour and shape of buttons

  • Determine Typography

  • Design Colour Palette and Text within the Colour Palette

Before e.g.:

After e.g.: (button colour and shape change along with varied Typography) 

DocGen Improvements [New Feature - Configuration required]

DocGen improvements are ongoing with each release. In this release we see some configuration improvements available:

Have your merge field tables sort on text or date field columns as you generate your documents; or include the new Generated On merge field which will automatically populate with the date you generate your document from the system.

Data migration additions [New Feature - Configuration required]

Enquire continues to increase the components that can be migrated into the system using our data import capabilities. This release sees imports available for CRM documents, updates to CRM records and imports on Project Update Requests.

Non Production Banners [New Feature - Configuration required]

New banners are now available to identify the different environments. This will assist our customers as they move between our sandbox and production environments.