Audit improvements [New Feature]

Improvements have been made to our powerful Audit feature. These improvements assist our users to locate and identify changes made across the system data. The improvements include:

1.The addition of the Audit feature to our Panel and Panel member records - for example - see when members were added or removed from a Panel.

2.New timezone feature - the audit now displays the changes in the customer’s timezone setting.

3.Toggle between viewing the audit changes for a record to fields with changes only - or all fields - or all fields with data. 

4.The Audit feature now defaults to changes within the previous month date range. Manually adjust this range to view changes in your own specific requirement. 

Enhanced Duplicate Check [New Feature - Configuration required]

Enquire can reduce administration burden by automatically checking against user details when they register on the Client Portal, this includes First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth. Talk to our customer support team if you would like further information.

New NextGen Assessment Workflows feature -  [Product Improvement/New Feature - Configuration required]

NextGen Workflows can now be configured to include a summary of assessment completed for a given project / grant. This allows assessors or moderation panels to quickly review the current questions, answers, scores and comments.

Take advantage of the new flexible features available in NextGen workflow to meet your Assessment process requirements. Speak to our support team to look at converting to this new function.

New NextGen Assessment Workflows feature -  Dynamic PDF Download

Users within a given Grant or Project can now download a PDF for each step of the workflow from the Assessment Full View. This will exports all form fields dynamically similar to the functionality that is available within NextGen Workflows.

New NextGen workflows feature Internal Document Upload [New Feature - Configuration required]

Project update requests and client reports can now have forms configured that support uploads of internal only documents directly via the workflow step. This allows customers to move workflows through internal and external audience members while only allowing certain documents to be accessible externally.

Once uploaded these are stored as documents only accessible via the Management Portal.

New NextGen workflows feature – Instructions for Client reports [Product Improvement] 

Management portal users can now add instruction text to a Client Report (similar to Project Update requests) to support engagement with external stakeholders.

Round Assessment scoring across NetGen workflows - [Product Improvement]

Clients using NextGen Workflows can choose to filter on Classic or NextGen workflows for inflight or historic assessment reports.

Improved Notification sending [Product Improvement/New Feature - Configuration required]

Enquire’s notification engine has been enhanced to support sending email notification to project fields that have been set up to reference an Enquire contact<contact udf chip>. Speak to our customer support team for assistance with updating your notifications.

Generate DocGen templates at round [New feature - Configuration Required]

DocGen templates can now be generated at the Round level. Talk to our customer support team if you would like to implement this feature.


Custom Role Management [Configuration Required]

Enquire now provides customers the ability to define custom roles at the Portfolio level. These custom roles can also be displayed against Programs, Rounds and Projects through inheritance. Speak to our customer support team if you’d like further information.

Form Improvements [Product Improvement - Configuration Required]

Application, Assessment, Project Update Request and Client Report forms can now be configured to include references to Program and Round data such as Program and Round names. 

Set fields up at the Round level, populate them then pull them through into your Application forms.

Talk to our customer support team if you would like further information.

Project currency [New Feature/Configuration required]

Enquire now provides user groups the option to set up currencies at the project level. This new feature allows organisation to operate using a base currency, but deviate from this currency at a project level if their projects are deployed internationally.