Lock top of Search [Product Improvement]

We have actioned some user feedback and locked the top of Enquire’s search screens. Scroll down your search results while retaining the column headers for information context.

Turn the feature on and off from any search screen. 

Project Activity Feed card [New Feature]

Project records now feature a new Activity Feed card on the Overview tab. This card initially will provide a quick link to a copy of the Submitted Application form for a Project record.

UI improvements [Product Improvement]

During this release we have focused on UI improvements for our users using screen readers across the Client Portal.

iPhone improvements [Product Improvement]

iPhone users will love the improved interaction they experience with our online forms. 

One Click Reports [Product Improvement]

One Click Reports have undergone a product improvement so that large data set reports can continue to be generated front end. Start your report and continue working until the report has been generated.