Project Delivery Agent extensions [New Feature - Configuration required]

Secondary Delivery Agents can be linked to a project 

This will allow projects to link secondary delivery agents to their projects so that more than one account can be sent outgoing payments.

Add Secondary Delivery Agent to your Team.

Select specific Delivery Agent for payment

Hover function [Product Improvement]

Quick view: The hover function on a Delivery Agent/Supplier field token has been extended to include more key details about the account at a glance.

Single Use Bank Account component [New Feature - Configuration required]

Enquire has implemented a new component which will enable bank account information to be provided on an application form, update request or client report to support payment directly to external parties. The single use bank account information will be stored against the project (application) record in the Management Portal rather than the Business Account.

eForm DocGen feature [New Feature - Configuration required]

Customers using NextGen workflows will benefit from our upcoming eForm DocGen feature. This new functionality will replace the existing onscreen PDF export of the online forms so that customers can customise the PDF export for all Enquire workflow forms. This release sees the first iteration and building blocks for the feature. Watch this space in subsequent releases.