Metrics Dashboard [Product Improvement/New Features - Configuration required]

The first phase of our metrics dashboard feature is now live and ready for early engagement. Tactiv Admin can configure key counts across various your objects such as Payments, Portfolio, Program, Round, Client Reports and Projects and display as numbers and graphs on your Dashboard screen. Use these counts as quick links to your metric specific records.

For example:

Create a metric to view counts of Project stages. Use this metric to navigate to projects within each Stage.

NextGen Assessment Workflows [Product Improvement/New Features - Configuration required]

NextGen Workflows have come to Assessment! Take advantage of the new flexible features available in NextGen workflow to meet your Assessment process requirements. Speak to our support team to look at converting to this new function.

Improvements to Impact Reporting module [Product Improvement/New Features - Configuration required]

Last release saw your Applicants and Delivery Agents being able to plan out their Indicator Targets into disaggregated values in application and project update forms. For example: your applicant might be planning to deliver 10 workshops and be targeting 8 face to face workshops and 2 online workshops (total 10 workshops). These values would be the disaggregated targets. 

This release now provides the ability for Delivery Agents to report actuals on their disaggregated targets. Use this data to monitor and evaluate outcomes in more detail.

New data import options - Import Documents & Notes [Product Improvement/New Features - Configuration required]

Enquire now has the ability to import documents and notes within its data migration tool. This feature will be available to new customers as they onboard with Enquire and require data migration as part of their service. Talk to our customer support if this is something that would be useful to you retrospectively.

Last modified date added to Unsubmitted Projects - One Click Report [Product Improvement/New Features]

Identify applicants who have not yet submitted their applications via the Client Portal. This new field addition to the single-click report helps to identify the most recent draft version your applicants were working on.

The Last Modified Date will be the date the applicant last saved any changes to their application. 

Private/Public flag for Projects [Product Improvement/New Features/Configuration required]

A new built-in field is now available to flag to users whether a project (application) is sensitive or its data can be reported publicly.  This field will, at a later point be available in the data views for BI reporting.