Only registered activity providers can redeem FairPlay vouchers. To view the list of registered activity providers please view the activity provider directory

Each voucher must be redeemed separately, as it contains details specific to an individual child.

Your key contact needs to redeem the voucher.

1. Login to your account, select the Redeem Voucher button.

2. Check your organisation and bank details are still current and correct, or edit to update these details.

3. Read the terms and conditions and select the box if you agree. Select Save to proceed.

4. Enter the voucher number and check the voucher details to confirm you are redeeming the correct voucher.

5. Select the participation activity from the drop-down.

6. Enter the full membership/participation fee for the child/young person for the season.

Fees are to be entered as the full amount that a child/young person is charged (rounded up to the nearest dollar) for membership and/or participation fees (not the $150 voucher amount).

The voucher redemption amount will automatically populate as the membership/participation fee up to $150.

7. If you have more vouchers to redeem, ensure  the Redeem another voucher option is selected and select Redeem.

If you don’t have any more vouchers to redeem, deselect Redeem another voucher option and select Redeem.

Remittance advice (including voucher numbers) will be sent to the key contact’s registered email address.