1. Client Portal Improvements [Product Improvement/New Features]


Changes to the My Projects portlet

Client Portal users will notice a change to their Homepage.

The My Projects portlet now provides a record of all forms client portal users have submitted via their Account. This means Client Portal users can now view their submitted Applications, Client Reports and Project Update Requests!

Each record has a clickable link which will launch a read only copy of the form. At any time users can log in to their Account, view their submitted forms and download a copy for their own reference. 

Client Portal users can view submitted Client Reports under the Project record in the My Projects portlet. 

Client Portal users can view submitted Project Update Requests (PURs) under the Project record in the My Projects portlet. 

Draft applications are still found in the My Projects portlet. 


In progress/to start Client Reports and PURs are still located in the upcoming Activities portlet. 

2. Client Portal Third Party Access [New feature - configuration required]

Enquire now provides customers the ability to define custom roles at the Round level. These roles can then be applied to a Business Account. 

The feature supports scenarios such as including Due Diligence partners, external auditors or intermediaries in your processes so that Project information can be shared and updated by these parties. 

Talk to our customer support team if you would like further information.

3. CAPTCHA step to Forgotten Password process [New feature]

To continue improving security for our customers, Enquire’s Client and Management Portals' reset password feature now includes a CAPTCHA step. Please note that this feature is not available for customers with Single Sign On implemented.

4. Workplan Component improvements [Product Improvement - configuration required]

This release continues improvements to our workplan component.

For those Projects using Workplan, one improvement is the enabling of the generation of a standard DocGen template to MS Excel. This DocGen will export all of the Workplan data from the Workplan in the Management Portal into Excel.

5. New Impact Reporting features [New feature - configuration required for forms]

New extended features have been added to the Enquire Impact Reporting module. Enquire now has the:

  • ability to define Indicators for internal use only;

  • ability to configure forms to only contain Indicators from a parent Round or Program (restrict the options to select Indicators against a Delivery Project/Grant); and

  • ability for a Client Portal User to enter in disaggregated Target information. For example, the total target for Indicator number of participants in a workshop might be 20. The disaggregation of this Target might be landholders = 9, agronomists = 4 and general public = 7

6. Session timeout increased from 4 hours to 12 hours [New feature]

Enquire session timeout has now increased from 4 hours to 12 hours. After this time users will be logged out and required to log back in.