Please note the small product changes in points 4 and 5. 

1. Results Reporting

Collect results from your Delivery Agents on their project Indicators. This new feature provides the function for Indicators to be budgeted during the Application and Project Management phase; then reported on via Client Reports. Talk to our customer support team about configuring this into your current processes.

2. Detailed Indicator Results One-click Report

This new One-click report provides Enquire customers the option to download all their project indicators' targets and results structured by Round. The report exports the Indicator details including ID, Type, Category and Unit of Measure, along with the Result and Actual values with dates recorded and reported.

 Like all One-click reports - you will need to have the correct group role to access.

3. Add a Client Contact to a Business Account and invite them into a Client Portal Account

This new function provides Management Portal users the ability to add a Client Contact record to a Business Account. The new Client Contact can then be invited to become a user of the Client Portal. Once the Client Contact logs into Enquire - they will be automatically linked to that existing Business Account.


4. Change to Project Overview tab - Details card - Ability to change Applicant

You can now view and edit the Applicant on the Overview tab on the Details card of a Project. Prior to this release, the Applicant was listed in the Teams tab. This change now brings the details into snapshot viewing, as well as providing the ability to update the Applicant when managing Business Accounts. 

5. Change to Make Payment process

A few small changes to the Make Payment process have been made to Enquire. Prior to version 21.5.1 when you triggered a Make Payment you would indicate a Payment Due Date and Payment Amount. The Actual Date would populate with the date you actioned the payment in Enquire. This new process provides the user the ability to allocate the Payment Date.

This Payment Date then populates the Actual date to the date of their choice rather than being system driven.