Features released - 11 November 2021

1.One-click report - Project Indicators

This release now provides Enquire one-click reporters access to a new Indicator one-click report. Download all your projects along with their associated Results Indicator data from the Reporting area on your left hand navigation.


2. Matrix / Grid component

Enquire customers now have access to a new component type. This new matrix grid component provides the ability for data to be presented to form users in predefined table format. Create a table list of static items you need to collect certain information on from you applicants. Below is an example of how our customers are using this new feature. Keep this in mind as you release new rounds. Speak to the customer success team for further information.

Example 1 - Record % of Project Allocation against a set list of Strategic Priorities

Example 2 - Record Costs by set Categories

3. Workplan Component

Another new capability for our customers! This new capability allows a multi level collection of related data to enable you to breakdown work within a project, grant or contract. 

One worked example below, providing the ability to record Project Objectives, then under those Objectives you might record Financial Tracking against Activities within that Objective followed by the Deliverables. 

Keep this new function in mind as you release new rounds. Speak to the customer success team for further information.


Customers can now have their tenancy configured with tax. This will automate a tax value to invoices raised via the system to Delivery Agents who are registered for tax. Tax will not be allocated retrospectively. Talk to our customer support team if you would like further information.

5. Payments and Account Verification - change to process
As part of the Enquire batch payment process, Delivery Agent Accounts are required to be Verified prior to payment processing. Prior to this release, the prompt on Unverified accounts occurred during the batch approval. This prompt now occurs earlier in the process; as a single individual payment is pre-approved.