Features released - 16 September 2021

Project Templates

The Enquire team have been working on new functionality to provide the ability to define varied data capture templates for different project types or across different Rounds. As part of this work you will notice a small change to your Enquire interface. There is no direct change or impact to how you use the system. This function requires configuration and if you would like further information on this function please contact the support team.

User Interface change

You will now notice a Template field in your Project Details card on the Overview tab.

UDC totals

Enquire now has the ability to have your new User Defined Components configured with a Totals row or column. This means if you have rows of data your numerical fields are calculated as totals on the bottom row or columns of data can be calculated in the final column. The new functionality only applies to newly configured components. Tactiv will be working on applying this function retrospectively in upcoming releases.