To ensure efficient support when incidents occur within Enquire it is often helpful to gather some additional data when logging your support ticket. The steps below outline how to obtain information that is valuable to us when triaging your issue.

Speed test

Head to within your browser and select the "Go" option in the middle of the screen. Use "Snipping tool" to capture a screenshot of the results:

Are you using a VPN?

Advise us whether or not you are connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Which browser are you using?

The browser you are using is often relevant when triaging incidents. Common examples include: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox.

Attach an HAR file

1. Press the "F12" key on your keyboard to open the dev tools. This should bring up a window within your browser that looks like this:

2. Navigate to the "Network" option in the dev tools window

3. Replicate the issue

4. Select the download HAR file option and attach the downloaded file to your ticket.