Good news! On the 3rd of December 2020 we have completed the process of adding some new features to your system. Here are the features we have extended Enquire with: 


1. Capture the Project Costs associated with your Payment Milestones

Enquire now provides the function for organisations to link Project Costs to Payment Milestones. This means that you can track and acquit Project Costs against your outgoing Payment Milestones with increased visibility to see which Costs relate to which Payments and vice versa.

2. Increased data in the Program search

Enquire now provides increased ability for data insights. Aggregate and extract your Project or Grant data for a specific Program.

3. Use the Enquire Search function to pull organisational reports on Costs at a Program level.

Enquire has extended the global search functions to include Cost item fields. Navigate to the Program search and return information on all your Project Costs. Use the filters to refine your search to suit your needs.

4. Victorian LGAs

Enquire now features the ability to auto-assign Victorian Local Government Areas against applicant addresses.

5. CC in other recipients in notification emails from the Management Portal

Users can now cc in other recipients when they send Project notifications via the Management Portal.

6. Switch up the colours of your Client Portal

Colour up your Client Portal. Customers can now have the default colours of their Client Portal interface edited. If you would like to make use of this new functionality - please contact the Enquire support desk.