On the 12th of October 2020, Tactiv released an exciting range of new features that will take your Enquire experience to the next level.

Let's take a look at these new additions:

1. Project names can be defaulted with smart values

Now, you can have your project names defaulted to smart values, such as a scholar's or an organization's name - as the applications are submitted. This allows you to easily access and find projects within the system.

2. Document upload is now supported in Client Reports

This will allow your clients to upload documentary evidence or supporting information to their periodical or final Client Reports.

3. Round and Program filter in the global Project search

This provides an increased capability to easily filter and extract project data specific Rounds or Programs from the Global Project search. Save your searches for regular and seamless access.

4. Improved duplicate record detection in Business Account creation

This function provides with further checks to ensure duplicate Business Accounts are not created within your Client Portal.

5. Quick Links

This new feature allows your Saved Searches and Object Records to be favourited for quick launching from your Dashboard

6. Invitation to join an Existing Business Account from the Management Portal

Do you have a Business Account with outdated users? This feature allows you, as a Management Portal user, to invite existing Client Portal users to become a part of that Business Account and become the new Account Administrator.

7. Notifications

This improved notification capability allows our Management Portal users to send templated emails directly to applicants with merged data. The feature can be used to automate emails to your applicants during the full application lifecycle - from requesting further information to advising them about successful applications.

8. Client Portal Mobile Phone Capability

We continue to better the Enquire user experience, and we can ensure our customers that the Client Portal can be used on popular mobile phones.