You may need to add contacts to your Business Account as part of your application. To add people to your Business Account, you can either add them as Contacts or invite them as Users.

Note: to add Contacts or invite Users, you must be an Account Administrator. 

1. From the Client Portal home page, click on on your account name and select Account Details.

2. From the Contacts tab, select Create Contact.

3. Create the Contact or invite a User by filling out the Contact's details.

Note: you have the option to send the contact an invitation to Enquire, or simply add the Contact without an invitation. 

Note: If you send an invitation, you have the option to add the User as an Account Administrator or a Standard User.

4. Once you have filled out the relevant details, select Save.

The Contact will now be created if you filled out the relevant Contact details (e.g., without sending an invitation).

If you invited the Contact to be a Client Portal User, the invitation will be sent to the relevant email address.